European Facial in West Bloomfield

European Facial In West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills

European facial in west bloomfield
If you want to be beautiful, you should start with skin care. Well-taking care of your skin does more magic than the best and most expensive make up.

One of the most common skin treatments is a facial. Facials remove dirt and bacteria as well as maintain a soft texture and an overall appearance. A European facial is the favorite among those who regularly go to the day spa to get a treatment.

If you want to experience a real European facial in West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, come to my spa.

I guarantee that you will never forget my facial. I only work with Guinot products and Guinot is a leader in European skin care cosmetics.

I have been in a cosmetology field for over 20 years and I have a medical background. I have worked in the best spas in Russia.

I worked with models, celebrities and many famous people. Here in America I work with Red Wings hockey players’ wives, big business owners and TV News spokes people.

Here are my most popular services:


Facials Waxing
European $70 1hr Bikini (Regular / Brazilian) $40/$45
Lifting $90 1hr 20min Leg (Full /Upper/Lower) $70/$45/$40
Oxygen $80 1hr 20min Arm (Full /Half) $40/$28
Double Peeling $85 1hr 20min Under Arm $28
Renewing $85 1hr 20min Back $70
Teen $50 1hr Eyebrows $18
Mini $50 45min Lip $15
Chin $15


I am located in Aqua Salon in West Bloomfield, MI

6357 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Please call 248-432-2632 to schedule an appointment for

a real European Facial in West Bloomfield / Farmington Hills

and your skin will thank you!

The skin is the most exposed and the most heavily damaged part of our body. In fact, if not for the regenerative properties of our skin cells, we would not be able to survive past our childhood. With that said, proper care and nourishment will always be crucial to a healthy skin and body. Having facial and body treatment is currently one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin.

Not all people do get a facial and would rather go the D-I-Y route when it comes to skin care, but the cost will not matter once you see the results it brings.

Call now 248-432-2632 for a European facial you will never forget!


What People Say About Mila

Day Spa in West Bloomfield

” …I have been going to Mila for 10 years and love her…”

“I first met Mila at her old Spa. She is a vibrant person! She is very professional and does a very good job. I like her facials and waxing the most.

Yes I would recommend Mila to others and I have in the past, I have been going to Mila for 10 years now and lover her…”

Lisa Yzerman


“…She gives me the best facial I have ever had.
… I look forward to my appointments!”

“I heard about Mila when I was getting my hair done at Aqua. She is adorable, pretty and sweet.

I love talking to Mila. She has funny stories, makes me laugh, and at the same time listens to you, is kind and caring. She is such a warm and loving person.

I love Mila’s facial. She cleans out your skin so well. It is also really relaxing. My boys get their eyebrows done by her. She is very gentle. Her products are the best. She gives me the best facial I have ever had.

I do recommend Mila to everyone. She is one the best facialists I have ever had, along with being a wonderful person. I look forward to my appointments.

Any treatments Mila would perform I would go to her for.”

Terri Friedman


“…I tell everyone about Mila! …I will follow her wherever she goes…!”

“I followed my manicurist from another salon and wanted to keep all my services at one place so I tried Mila.

My first reaction when you saw Mila was how beautiful she was and of course, the way she dressed. I loved it because I am a child of the 1980’s and that is what her fashion reminds me of, the 1980’s :-) . Then you get to know Mila and very soon realize just how sweet she is too!

But after her first service I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED! She is THE BEST! I loved (and still do actually) that she massages your face for you after a waxing.

I mainly use the waxing services (eyebrows, lip, chin). Though, I have had a facial by her a few times and it is wonderful!

I tell everyone about Mila. My aunt and cousin go to her as well. I will follow her wherever she goes, for as long as she is in this business. I just adore Mila and will not go to anyone else. ”

Amy Sigel


“…She made me feel so comfortable… All my friends go to her now also and absolutely love her!…”

“My mom’s friend recommended Mila to me. She said how wonderful she was and that I had to go to her.

My reaction when I first saw Mila was great. She was beautiful. She was also so warm and kind and made me feel so comfortable.

After my first service with Mila I was beyond satisfied. She is amazing at what she does and truly is the very best. No other person I have ever been to could even compare to her.

I go to Mila most for waxing. It is unbelievable how painless she makes it. She also takes her time and makes sure it is perfect.

All my friends go to her now also and absolutely love her. They are so happy I told them about her and we all feel very lucky to have found her. ”

Anna Sack


“…No one I went to before Mila did as thorough job… she is very professional…”

“Mila looks good, and she is very pleasant. Everything suited her personality: she is so sweet.

My first service was upper lip wax. I was very satisfied! She used a gentle wax and tweezed what the wax did not get. No one I went to before Mila did as thorough a job.

She gives a wonderful facial. I would absolutely recommend Mila. She is very gentle and you can tell she wants to please you. Also, she is very professional.”

Rosetta Mistura

What is a European Facial By the Way?

My new clients often ask me what a European Facial is and what is good about it. I want you know and understand this amazing procedure.

The four key elements of European Facial are cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, massage and the soothing mask. This is the proper method of caring for the skin makes European facial favored.

1. The first step of a European facial is cleansing. Here we are getting rid of all the dirt, grime and other particles and preparing the skin for the next phase.

2. After the face has been cleansed and prepped, it now undergoes extraction. We are removing pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and other impurities. This part required accuracy. There is minimal pain to be experienced but it is not causing scars. Some people might see this as not necessary because of the pain involved but in reality it is because it will make the skin clearer and free of impediments.

3. The face is now clean and ready for exfoliation. We have to remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the uppermost layer of the skin. The dead skin cells clog the pores so we have to remove them to let new skin grow. We usually do this by rubbing the skin with a cream. I only use Guinot Products.

4. After being scrubbed, we apply cream and massaging the skin. This is the final stage of the European facial. It is increasing the blood circulation and more nutrients will reach the skin. After that it is time for a relaxing soothing mask.

Here are some of my facials:

European facial $70

Your skin will receive a deep cleansing treatment, steamed with a warm mist, and after extractions, relaxed with a mask. A moisturizing treatment to replace all of the vital nutrients lost from day to day.

Lifting facial $90

Unique toning facial using a high concentration of Vitamin C. The Liftosome treatment shows immediate results, not only in improving firmness but also in relieving fatigue.

Oxygen facial $80

This treatment effectively slows down the aging process, and along the way, actually reverses many of the outward manifestations of skin-aging. It supplies the cells with everything they need to function normally to produce elastin, collagen and other essential end products necessary for good skin.

Renewing facial $85

A renewing treatment with fruit acids and vitamins ideal for sun damaged or mature skin, acne scarring, pigmentation problems and dehydration.

Teen facial $50

Our beginner’s facial aims to educate and start teenage skin on the correct regimen. Includes cleansing, light peel, extractions, steam, mask and light massage.

If you never have tried a European facial before, you definitely should. Your face will feel renewed and youthful after it. It is a very effective procedure and this is why people around the world like a European facial so much.

To experience a real European Facial in West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, Call 248-432-2632


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